About The Well House Gardens

More than 30 years ago a young couple bought an old house on a plot of land they picked because it yielded the best soil samples of those they were considering. The gardens have evolved and grown over the years and Frances and John have been able to expand their gardens to 3 and now about 5 acres or beautifully landscaped gardens that belie their love of good soil, plants and the joy they can bring.

For 21 years we hosted the Larkspur Party, an annual garden and art show. We hosted up to 38 local artists and loved it. Sadly at some point we had to decide if we wanted more artists or more garden beds and the garden beds won.

This year will be our fifth year hosting our open garden days, a chance to share our gardens with others who love diverse gardens, unusual plants and seeing all the ways we can try to trellis our ever expanding vegetable gardens.

What do you do with all that food?


Most of the food we grow is eaten by our family, and by the animals who insist on eating one bite of several tomatoes every day. What we don't eat fresh we preserve by canning, drying or freezing depending on how we will use it through the winter. We give lots to our friends and we love sharing our bounty with the NC Food Bank.

Do you host events? Photo shoots? Teach classes?

Sorry, no. This is our home and we love sharing our gardens on our 6 days each year. We loving answering your questions, hearing your experiences in your own gardens and problem solving during our Open Garden Days but the rest of the time we are hard at work caring for all of these plants. You are welcome to take photos of the gardens during the Open Garden hours, but we ask that you stay out of the garden beds and that you don't set up equipment.

Do you sell plants or vegetables?

We do not sell plants or vegetables. Occasionally we have extra vegetables or seeds that we give away during the Open Garden Days.